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Our history

St. Lawrence Machining was established in 1976 in Tracy, Quebec, as Atelier d'Usinage Tracy. While major industries like shipbuilding, paper mills, metallurgy, and chemical operations were thriving in the region at the time, subcontracting support was in scarce supply.

During the 1970s the company acquires a reputation among the metallurgical community in the region. In the 80's the company diversifies its market base to manufacture turbine and generator components for the hydro power industry and tooling, ground equipment, test benches, fixtures and templates for the aerospace industry. After moving once and expanding twice, we move reputed company and well known for its highly skilled machinists.

During the course of the 80's and 90's Atelier d'Usinage Tracy is named “company of the year” on numerous occasions. By 1995, it was time to expand again. Squeezed for space, acquire a 240,000 sq ft piece of land and building, from Marine Industries shipyard, bringing all company activities under our roof.

In 1996, company horizons expanded again that year as we were pioneer into machining of thin wall and monolithic structures for spacecraft applications. It successfully machines structures as large as 96 in. by 144 in. and as thin as .012 in.!

In 2010, we expand once again with a $3 million investment to build a new plant for large-scale fabrication, machining and assembly with 50 Tons lifting capacity.

July 2015, St. Lawrence Machining was created following the acquisition of AUT Industries assets on July First, 2015 by the Richelieu Steel owners (Eric Durand, Guy Durand & Patrick Doyon), became a subsidiary thereof. The alliance of the two companies, enables a much more comprehensive service offering. St. Lawrence Machining remains a financially solid company with ambitious goals. Customers include major companies in the energy, aerospace, mining, and defense industries.